Archetype Medical is based in London, Ontario, Canada. Our primary focus is the development of sophisticated simulators capable of mimicking the beating heart and valves. Our clients span the globe, including China, Japan, South Korea, Norway, Great Britain, the US and Canada. Customers include companies like GE Healthcare, Siemens and Toshiba, and researchers/clinicians at Beth Israel Hospital (Boston, USA) and King’s College Hospital (London, UK). Our products are also in use at Western University (London, Canada) and University College (London, UK).

In 2017, Archetype Medical was awarded a BURST grant to develop and commercialize a workflow for creating patient specific, dynamic mitral valve models. With these models we will be able to change the way surgeons train and prepare for complex mitral valve surgeries.


LV Plus simulator

The LV+ was originally designed for simulating beating heart, apical access interventions. It has since evolved as a simulator for patient specific valve analysis, ICE ultrasound validation, and TEE trainer…among other applications.

Neonate heart valve simulator

The NHVS was custom developed for researchers at Western University in London Canada. This system has functioning mitral and aortic valves and realistic left ventricular pressures.

The Mitral Valve Simulator

Still under development, this device provides realistic hemodynamics with patient specific valve models. The user can interactively adjust chordae length while the system is in operation. The valve models can be surgically repaired and repair results can be evaluated both visually and using transesophageal and transthoracic echocardiography. 

C-arm fluoroscopy simulator and trainer

This simulator provides bench top training for cardiac and spinal fluoroscopy applications. It combines a 40 cm C-arm model with wireless accelerometer devices, and sophisticated software for mimicking realistic fluoroscopy images. 

Mitral valve trainer

Our mitral valve models include chordae tendinae and suturable papillary muscles. The valve material will hold sutures, and procedures like tissue resection, annuloplasty rings or neochordae can be performed. The valves can be loaded into our dynamic valve simulator to validate repair outcomes.

Kidney model with vasculature

Based on patient data, the models consist of major arteries and veins with branches in the renal hilum, two tumours, and the ureter. Surface vasculature, fat and a replaceable fascia are optional features. Models can be either tissue-like silicone, or polyvinyl alcohol cryogel. Internal vascular models are also possible: contact us for details.